Here’s what I did when my art software gave me a dwm.exe error

Computers are fantastic tools allowing us to do all sorts of things. We can search the internet for information, play video games, watch movies, and generally do all the things a high dollar entertainment system is designed to do. Some computers are even portable, allowing you to do all of those things on the go, whereever we go.

Unfortunately, there’s an old adage that says the more complicated the plumbing, the easier it is to clog up the toilet. That’s very obviously true when it comes to computers. There’s so many different programs and ways that the programs interact that there’s a number of ways your computer might start messing up. A malfunctioning computer is a situation that can ruin your entire day, if not your entire year. So how can you make sure that your computer is running smoothly?

From a software standpoint, make sure to do your Windows updates. It may be obnoxious to have to stop what you’re working on in order to reboot your computer, but don’t keep putting the update off until later. Those updates are designed to make sure that various exploitable bugs and glitches in the Windows programming are taken care of. Without those updates, Windows might not be able to handle certain new, popular programs. Then when you try to use the program, your computer malfunctions and you’re left without a working computer. I think this is what caused my errors with my dwm.exe file. I avoided updates and kept seeing the dreaded message about the dwm process. It resulted in a message saying “dwm.exe no longer running” on my machine.

This issue with the dwm error caused a spiral of other issues, eventually leading to warnings about the mom.exe file on my machine as well. While I wasn’t too worried at the time, I became nervous when I did some research on the mom.exe virus and saw just how damaging it would be if it was actually infected. Good news is – that wasn’t the case for me so I was safe from any massive infection.

Additionally, make sure you always update any programs you use as well. Just like the Windows updates, program updates exist to help make sure the code runs more smoothly. The updates ensure that the program you’re using will work with other programs and will work with your operating system without messing up any other processes. This is to your advantage because it means your program can work correctly for a longer duration. No one wants to boot up an important program one day, only to discover that it no longer works the way it’s supposed to work.

Lastly, always back up your information. You can get a large storageĀ external hard drive for under $100. When you consider what it would mean if you lost all your information, this is an absolutely amazing deal. If the worst happens and a virus or some other process winds up turning your computer into a very heavy and very expensive paper weight, you can at least be certain that you’ll have your information. It won’t save you the cost of buying a new computer, but it does mean you won’t lose all your life’s work.

Ultimately, making sure your computer runs smoothly is a matter of treating it as an important, ever-changing machine. While it’s not as vulnerable as some people fear, it’s not as unchanging as many people hope. Something as simple as not having an update or downloading a program that doesn’t function right, could send it on a downward spiral of destruction. So to avoid that, make sure you’re treating it like it deserves to be treated.

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Hi everyone. People who don’t know me will quickly understand why my name is “Smockn Mama” – I love art (hence wearing a smock).

Anyways, not only do I love art, I also have a great excitement about technology as well. This video is the perfect example of using both together to improve each other: